Santa Lucia Moths is a group I share with my friends Dave Grundy moth expert and Mr Stephen Knapp. In early March we had a idyllic weekend together, Dave came to visit with his friend Kevin to trap moths with us in Santa Lucia and La Muela. We were joined by my friends Richard and Luci who had come for a geodome building plan we had and enthusiastically embraced the weekend moth adventure. We didn’t know then how serious the coronovirus pandemic would become and just after this weekend we all found ourselves isolated and confined in different places. Dave had luckily just moved to CIMA Tarifa (Centro Internacional de MigraciĆ³n de Aves) where he will be studying moths for the next couple of months. We maintain an amusing communication via a WhatsApp group about clove oil, moths and quarantine. I am sent three moths a day to try to identify, like moth exam. It becomes a daily ritual in the crazy of the virus crisis. Kind of like doing a daily newspaper crossword. Some days I am utterly stumped. I record here the quarantine moths.

Day 1: 16.03.2020

Day 2: 17.03.2020

Day 3: 18.03.2020

Day 4: 19.03.2020

Day 5: 20.03.2020

Day 6: 21.03.2020

Day 7: 22.03.2020

Day 8: 23.03.2020

Day 9: 24.03.2020

Day 10: 25.03.2020

Day 11: 26.03.2020

Day 12: 27.03.2020